What we do

We are a simplicity consulting and training business which simplifies organisations by eliminating unnecessary complexity.

Our clients do more of what really matters, by stopping what does not.

Why we do it

Increasing at nearly 7% a year, organisational complexity is a growing problem. It's no wonder 74% of people view their workplace as 'complex' or 'very complex'.

Life is too short and the world moving too fast for organisations (and their people) to be wasting valuable time on work without purpose.

Simplicity pays

Simple organisations have better engaged people, grow revenues faster, return more to their shareholders and are more likely to be recommended by customers.

Simple organisations find it easier to be agile, to innovate and to change.

The choice

Accept complexity as an inevitable, pervasive and growing problem.


Simplify. Enable your organisation to do more of the work which really matters.


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How we do it

Simplicity [by subtraction]

The basic theory of opportunity cost: To do more of one thing [+], you need to do less of something else [-].


Except for the highest value, game-changing activities (those things which really matter), organisations should seek a minimally viable way.

Simplicity [by subtraction]: A 6 step process

Simplification is a perpetual process. Organisations naturally create complexity.
This process has been designed to be completed regularly.

The toolkit

All Stop. products are based on a 3 part toolkit.

Inspired by: Design Thinking, Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma, Positive Psychology, Systems Thinking, Zen Buddhism.

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Why it works

Simplify real complexity. We address live issues in real time. No time or place for the hypothetical.
People want simple. We harness that innate desire to sell and drive simplicity.
Sources over symptoms. We solve complexity problems at the root cause, not at the symptom.
Test test test. We know small experiments can make a big difference.
New thinking, new doing. We shift mindsets, behaviours and habits to enable simplicity.

Our experience

Equipped with a background from Accenture, Mind Gym and Simplicity Consulting, the team at Stop. has unique experience of successfully changing organisations.

Such is our belief in the impact of our work, we offer results-based payment.

Who we have helped

Featured Articles
"Stop. helped us simplify our working practices by instilling a real sense of energy and enthusiasm in our people, a fast pace of experimentation and a clear focus on the implementation of practical solutions."
Ken Smith, Head of Group Accounting and Reporting, AXA UK
"We asked Stop. to work with our senior team. Their approach was simple, direct, down-to-earth and evidence-based. They rapidly understood our culture and tremendous fun was had along the way!"
Fiona Dent, Managing Director, Time Inc. (UK)
"They helped us simplify an important part of our operation with their inclusive approach and enthusiasm to make a difference. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them again in the future."
Fiona Gibson, Group HR Director, Highland Spring

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