complexity causes

WEBINAR: Uncovering the root causes of everyday complexity

What are the true complexity causes?  In this webinar, Stop. is giving you a starter toolkit to understand what is really driving everyday complexity in your organisation.

According to research*, we’re experiencing more complexity at work. If the case for simplifying is obvious, doing it is anything but.

Unguided and uninformed, organisations typically take a simplistic approach. There is significantly more focus on symptoms than sources. And without properly understanding and addressing the real root causes of even the most everyday examples of complexity, organisations cannot fix the real problem and any gain will be short-lived.


In 30 mins you will learn:

  • The common mistakes people make when diagnosing everyday complexity
  • A 6 step root causes process
  • How this leads to the next step of Building Organisational Capability: ‘Re-designing for simplicity’
  • The results this process yielded when used by Managers at a global telco


This webinar focuses on a process Stop. teaches Managers as part of Building Organisational Capability (watch part 1 of the series by clicking the link).

We will share more on the Quant and Qual diagnosis tools we deploy for deeper diagnostics on a future webinar.

Do not hesitate to email with any questions.

*Six Simple Rules, Tollman and Morieux, 2014