Introducing The Killing Complexity Canvas


Whatever your Organisation needs to do next, start by stopping.

We’re excited to share The Killing Complexity Canvas, a 1-day intervention designed to help organisations solve the growing problem of internal complexity.

The Canvas enables Organisations to simplify how they work and create more space for activities which contribute to Purpose (the Organisation’s reason for existing) and Strategy (how the Organisation achieves its Purpose).

The Canvas is based on our experience working with the likes of Action for Children, Aviva, AXA, Bank of America, easyJet, SAP and Telefonica.

We believe unnecessary internal complexity is blocking organisations from doing bigger and better things, especially innovation. A lot is written about complexity. But far less is written about simplicity and how to achieve it.

Unlike Lean or Systems Thinking, there’s no established simplicity playbook. So, we’ve made the Canvas open source for all to imitate.

The following pages outline our thinking. Click on the headings to explore more.

01 The Killing Complexity Canvas

  • How the workshop works
  • How you can run this in your organisation

02 Why Complexity Matters

  • Our complexity definition
  • Complexity symptoms
  • The business case for killing complexity
  • Complexity causes and consequences

03 The Simplicity Solution

  • How organisations who kill complexity enjoy higher ROI, faster growth and higher profit
  • Why minimalism is the key to killing complexity

04 Canvas Design Principles

  • Why we’ve designed the Canvas the way we have
  • Simplicity experiments at the likes of Home Depot, Ferrari, Nike and Pfizer
  • Simplicity experiments relating to Meetings, Emails, Reporting and Sign-offs
  • What else Organisations can do to kill complexity
  • How the likes of AstraZeneca, Apple and General Electric have sustained simplicity
  • Why simplicity programmes fail