Services to simplify your organisation


The services below include elements of Simplify real complexity, Spreading simplicity and Simplicity as a value from the Stop. toolkit.

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The Killing Complexity Canvas

Signature 1-day intervention designed to help organisations solve the growing problem of internal complexity.

The Canvas enables Organisations to simplify how they work and create more space for activities which contribute to Purpose (the Organisation’s reason for existing) and Strategy (how the Organisation achieves its Purpose).

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Managing Simplicity

Two half-day workshops where Managers are given a toolkit and a repeatable process to simplify everyday organisational complexity.

As well as learning to simplify their day-to-day work, Managers use their influence to simplify work for others by changing complexity creating behaviours, mindsets and habits.

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Leading Simplicity

Two workshops (full day or half-day) where Leaders learn how to lead simplicity.

As a small group, Leaders use their position to rapidly remove obvious complexity and agree on simplicity ideas to experiment with.

Leaders then receive one-to-one coaching to ensure they create simplicity, not complexity, for their organisation.

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Simplicity Squad

A 14-week programme to immerse a super group of 8 Champions in a deep experience to understand the Stop. toolkit.

The programme begins by running a holistic complexity diagnosis, followed by simplifying the most pressing complexity issues.

It finishes with a masterclass on how to develop simplicity behaviours, mindsets and habits in others.

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Complexity Clinic

An opportunity for subject matter experts to solve a specific complexity challenge (e.g. a process, a management report, how teams in a matrix work together).

In two workshops (half-day or full day, depending on scope), participants visually map out the complexity issue, use tools to uncover real root causes, before ideating and then testing simpler alternatives in the organisation.

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Complexity Hackathon

A high energy session where a large group hack at existing complexity in the organisation.

Participants are introduced to organisational complexity, before working in groups to generate as many potential simplicity ideas as possible.

Ideas are voted on and the best are taken away to be implemented.

Option to run as a half-day or a full day; general complexity vs. specific complexity.

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Simplicity Toolkit

Simplicity content available through E-Learning (video or instructor-led) and digital toolkits.

A low-effort way to make simplicity thinking available for all, at scale.

Includes ready-made simplicity hacks and being introduced to simplicity behaviours, mindsets and habits.

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Simplicity Talk

Participants learn about how complexity impacts organisational performance, the most common symptoms and causes of complexity, and how some of the world’s leading organisations are simplifying.

To put theory into practice, every attendee makes a tangible personal pledge to simplify the organisation.

Perfect for conferences and away days.

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