Case studies

Stop. has worked with clients from a wide range of industry. Below are snippets of some simplicity case studies.



The gift of time: Creating 1,142 extra hours per person, per year

“Stop. are the real deal – flexible, fun and thought leading. Most importantly, they get results. Our Managers created over 1,000 hours per year each by simplifying frustrating and time wasting organisational complexity”.

Teresa Fernandez, Head of Talent, Telefónica


Like many organisations, Telefónica was undergoing significant change. Managers were being asked to deliver more change and more innovation.

But the organisation continued to feel slow, bureaucratic and complex. Managers were spending significant time in internal meetings, reporting management information and satisfying organisational administration.

Telefónica recognised that the only way to increase the pace of change and innovation was to attack widespread internal complexity that was getting in the way.



Managing Simplicity. A process and toolkit for Managers to simplify general organisational complexity, for them and their teams.

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  • Managers created on average 1,142 hours per year for them and their teams
  • Wide-reaching organisational activities were simplified. E.g. inter-department meetings, use of email, the new product development process and processes for KPI reporting
  • Managers started to sustain simplicity by being conscious of and demonstrating behaviours such as Candour, Clarity, Cooperation, Empowerment and Focus
  • 95% of Managers recommended the programme

“When you talk to people about this – they get it and want smarter working…”

Programme participant.





Summary: The client felt that a back-office function was suffering from unnecessary complexity and wanted to engage their people on the question: What could be simpler? A complexity diagnostic across the function was followed by a series of short, sharp workstreams to implement simplicity in priority areas.

Impact: Simplifying everyday activity created 20,000 hours per year for high value activity, or for the function to reduce annual costs by £850k per year.




Summary: SAP has Run Simple at the centre of its customer strategy. It was looking for ways to mass introduce simplicity as an internal concept to employees. A series of simplicity MOOC videos were made available to employees in three countries. The videos were followed up by a set of white papers on how to create and embed a simplicity culture, which SAP shared with clients.

Impact: The videos were accessed by over 600 people with an average feedback score of 4.5/5.0. The white paper content was published on Digitalist magazine.




Summary: AXA has a strategic focus on enabling more innovation. The client wanted to extend innovation from new product development to how the organisation could innovate and improve internal ways of working. At an away day, Managers were inspired by a simplicity keynote speech, before generating their own ideas to simplify work in their own teams.

Impact: 20 Managers generated and implemented simplicity ideas which created 918 hours a year for one team.